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Creekwood Motor Company recommends: Lone Star Car Transportation

Do you need help shipping your vehicle? Are you tired of dealing with other car shipping companies giving you multiple different auto transport quotes? Give us a call at (501) 593-3999 today and we will get you competitive car shipping quotes from a respectable carrier or we will be happy to work with any auto shipper of your choice. After you take a look and purchase one of our pre owned vehicles for sale in Searcy, AR, we can get your vehicle shipped right to your door!

If you are just trying to transport your vehicle across state lines and not rack up and add miles onto your engine, we can handle that as well. We trust Lone Star Car Transportation as they are one of the premier car carriers in North America and specialize in having any car moved for pickup and delivery and can even move the car across the country! We offer courtesy pick up at the Little Rock Arkansas Air Port (LIT). Creekwood Motor Company is happy to help at no additional charge. We want to make sure that your vehicle is safe and secure!

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Lone Star Car Transportation Service - Creekwood Motor Company Searcy AR

A door-to-door car shipping service with unsurpassed reliability.

Our network of nationwide auto transporters ensure your vehicle is shipped quickly and securely.

Open Transport or Enclosed Transport, We Can Ship Your Vehicle Cross Country

When you are having your car moved across the country, it is important to know which auto transport carrier is right for your vehicle. An enclosed carrier is our recommended option when purchasing a vehicle, as it is the best one to protect your vehicle from weather spots as well as road dust and other possible damage that could potentially happen due to the carrier being exposed. However, the enclosed car transportation services are hard to come by as there are not nearly as many on the road, and can take weeks and even months to get your vehicle to you. That is why many people end up selecting the open transport carrier instead, so they can get their car in a timely manner without the long wait to finally receive their vehicle.

Contact Our Vehicle Transport Team For Your Peace of Mind

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about our how we are going to ship you car, or if we can transport your car, you can go ahead and contact us with no hesitation at all! Our staff members are more than happy to assist you with anything you may need help with. You can also give us a call anytime during our business hours and we will be right with you.